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Couples Therapy

A secure emotional connection with those closest to us is the primary way humans have evolved to deal with anxiety and stress. The quality of our connection to our loved ones can tame our fears, and support us to flourish in life. Relationships can become distressed when partners are not accessible, or not responsive to each other’s emotional cues. The most significant relationship issues will be related to the security of the bond between the partners, and their capacity to create an emotional safe haven. 

Many couples wait years before deciding to seek help with their relationship. Considering the enormous  toll an unhealthy relationship can have on one’s own mental health and quality of life, deciding to address issues as soon as possible is a positive and empowering step. However, long-term challenges can certainly be addressed and it is always better late than never to do something to improve your life and that of your family’s. 

What to expect 

The process of couple therapy begins with the initial session, where we have a chance to get to know one another and understand if we are a good fit for a successful therapeutic relationship. I will try to gain a good understanding of what the relationship issues are and what you want to achieve with therapy. Following our first couple’s session, I then do an individual session with each person. This individual session is a chance to work on any issues the individual may be dealing with that impacts their relationship. Then we move forward with couple sessions.

The foundation of my couple’s therapy work is underpinned by evidence-based methods such as Gottman therapy and Emotional Focussed Therapy (EFT). Common reasons for coming to therapy is for couple’s to improve their communication skills, to understand their past or present relationship, to improve intimacy and connection. We can address these issues but to effectively do this, we will work to promote safe emotional engagement and responsiveness, as that is the foundation of a secure bond, and that is how you reconnect with your loved one and build a healthy future together.


Counselling Fee:

Individual sessions are 50-minutes $120

Couple sessions are 50-minutes $140


When you make an appointment, you are reserving an hour of time, so we kindly ask that you give us sufficient notice in the event that you need to cancel or postpone your appointment.

Giving us more than 24 hours notice helps us offer this valuable time to other people who are looking for an appointment.

A cancellation fee is not charged when you provide more than 24 hours notice to the clinic.


13 11 14 (24/7 Crisis telephone counselling)

Suicide Call Back Service

1300 659 467

1800 Respect

1800 737 732 (Sexual assault, family and domestic violence counselling line)

MensLine Australia

1300 789 978 (National telephone and online support service for men)

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