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Corporate Wellness Programs

We’re living in a fast-paced world where job deadlines and high demands can take a harmful physical and emotional toll on our own and our employee’s personal health, ultimately impacting the way a workplace functions.


My Corporate Wellness programs bring harmony back into your business, offering you the opportunity to support your team’s health and wellbeing through proven wellness strategies. Provide relief from workplace stress, boost productivity and build retention all while strengthening your relationship with your inner self and your colleagues. With flexible arrangements for organisations ranging from daily meditation to virtual yoga classes, our programs suit all businesses and their teams.

We use a range of techniques to bring wellness to your workplace

  • 6 week yoga breathing practice

  • Yogic tools to bring balance to your mental state

  • Brings about a meditative state

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Bring a sense of calm

  • Manage your emotions and fatigue

Image by Helena Lopes

Companies that prioritise wellness in the workplace perform better and typically see a decrease in sick days taken by employees. Therefore when employees are happy and healthy within their working environment, efficiency and innovation ensue.  


Your team are your most valuable asset and we want to help you, help them make long-lasting, meaningful changes to their lives and your business.

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